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If you’re a regular network security pentesting guy , you must have used mostly network security tools to secure/pentest the network. Well , you should now add Network Security Toolkit (NST) to your list. As a bootable Network Security Toolkit , NST will provide you with some network security related tools inside the distro. When you reboot a system with the NST CD-ROM loaded, a trimmed-down version of Redhat Linux 9 opens. After the OS is running, you can access the tools on the CD-ROM through the local console, through a serial connection, via the network from another system, or through a Web browser.

Here are some packages you’ll find in NST v1.8.1 :

firefox flagfox add-on
argus to version 3.6.
BASE interface to version 1.4.1.
dmidecode to version: 2.10.
elinks to version 0.11.5.
firefox add-on LinkChecker to v0.6.3.
firefox to version
fwbuilder to version 3.0.3.
GeoIP tool to version: v1.4.5.
inprotect to version 0.80.2.
iperf to version: 2.0.4
ipmitool to v1.8.10.
metasploit to version: 3.2.
nikto to version 2.03.
nmap to version: 4.76.
ntop to version: 3.3.9 svn: 3648.
open-vm-tools to version: 2008.12.23-137496.
phpMyAdmin to version: 3.1.1.
phpPgAdmin to version: 4.2.2
quickrestart to version: 1.1.3.
snort to version
wireshark to version 1.0.5.
zenmap to version: 4.76.

Download NST v1.8.1 ISO :
Read NST v1.8.1 Documentation :

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