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New upcoming Pligg template
January 19th, 2009

I have been busy the last day or so working on my next template for Pligg v9.9.5.

It’s your standard 2 column layout with the sidebar on the right.  My colors this time are blue, grey, black and white.  I think it’s a clean layout with great potential.

Free Pligg template Pliggie screenshot

I have added at the top of the sidebar stats showing your member count and total number of submission, this will definitely encourage potential members especially as your counts get higher.  This can easily be hidden until your counts increase.


I have also added an ad block to the sidebar that is not your conventional size, but seems to be growing in popularity, each ad is sized 150px by 70px and is setup to show 2 rows of 2.  Again, this can easily be changed to whatever size you wish to use, or you can swap out the smaller ad blocks for one large one.


Each submission has been given a hover effect on mouseover, just for design effect.

Perhaps the biggest draw with this template is the suckerfish menu in the header for your categories.

Free Pligg template Pligg screenshot 2

All internal links are located in the header above the site name/logo, this can be changed depending on your preferrence.  The menu has been given a nice clean look with simple hovers.


I still need to work on the footer and a few other small details.

I also have a couple other features I am trying to implement, but will keep those to myself for now.


I would love your comments and suggestions.

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