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Facebook's new homepage features a login form ...
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If I have mentioned some security flaw that Facebook ever faced , like how to view facebook private profile pictures , some another facebook security flaws just have been discovered during the late 2008 until January 2009. And I’m pretty sure there will be more facebook xss hacking in 2009 . Some major facebook xss vulnerabilities has been published on (the most well-known website for xss news). And of course , you’re very allowed to leave this post if you still think Xss is not dangerous at all :) . Some critical Facebook Xss flaws can infect million facebook members with malware. And it’s not impossible for a new facebook xss worm to be developed under these circumstances.

The first Facebook xss vulnerability was occured on facebook reset password page :
Mirror :

The 2nd : (with POST)



The 3rd :

The 4th : (with POST)



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