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‘LOL’ , it could be the 1st word you’d like to say after you read  the title of this post (well i actually did the same thing). Why is it titled ‘Myspace account hacking - does your wife cheat on you?’ ? well it’s mostly because enourmous numbers of comments on this blog (which have been addressed as SPAMS) are mostly about asking my help to hack myspace account to find if his/her husband/wife is cheating or not. It’s funny .. but hey, why do these people keep asking me the same questions? First of all , I don’t need you guys to ask me to hack your husband/wife’s myspace account ! In this post , I’ll describe as banal as I can , the easiest way to hack myspace accounts. I hope you won’t get divorced after you hack into your wife/husband’s myspace accounts , and find him/her cheats on someone else . ROFL. Ok , So how do we hack myspace accounts ? (please read hacking private myspace profiles 2009 as reference)


Keylogging is the best method to obtain a myspace password because not only can you capture the password, but you can get ALL of their passwords and software has the ability to store history and see every piece of information entered on the computer. For most, this is the ideal choice, as phishing (explained further below) will only be able to get you the password. Keylogging refers to the monitoring of key’s pressed on a keyboard, but spy software has many more features to help you spy. Some spy software does not even require you to have physical access to the person’s computer and can be installed over the internet - this is highly popular due to long distance relationships or other reasons.

I have tried over 20 difference spy software products and there are only a few that haven’t been pressured by “privacy groups” to prevent monitoring passwords.

If you have physical access to their computer, I recommend you try out AceSpy. You can simply install it on the computer that they use and it will log all activity on the computer, including capturing the MySpace password. I recommend AceSpy because it has a unique MySpace capture feature that saves a screenshot of every page visited on the site. It also has a great interface and is easy to install and use. Works good.

If there’s no way you can physically access their computer, it can be a little trickier to pull off. Most privacy groups believe that if you don’t have physical access to the computer, you probably don’t own the computer which would make it illegal to monitor. The program i’ve found that works the best (and gets so close to this ethical line) is a service called SniperSpy. SniperSpy gives you a module that you can send to your target that will allow you to spy on their computer’s every action. No physical access to the target’s computer is needed, it simply installs over the internet. You can view their computer screen LIVE from anywhere at anytime via SniperSpy’s website, which means you don’t need to install anything on your computer either. You will be able to view the history of chat conversations, web sites visited, and gain access to all the online accounts they log into. It even takes image screenshots of every internet webpage they look at, so that if they are permanently deleting their sent/received myspace messages (like almost all cheaters), you still read the messages by looking at the webpage screenshots, when normally you never could read these messages! This is the tool I used to catch my girlfriend and it worked absolutely great. I really believe it’s the ultimate spying tool. Their Testimonials page shows that they’ve been on the news and featured in several magazines, so you should feel pretty good that you’ll accomplish what you’re after when you buy it.


While illegal in most situations, the term Phishing refers to luring your target to a fake MySpace login page. Upon entering their login details, they get emailed to you or saved in a text file for you to view. This is essentially the most effective and stealthy way of hacking a myspace account because it can look entirely legitimate and attempts can be made repeatedly to different victims. While it is not 100% effective, this is how most accounts on MySpace are compromised and used for spamming. It’s mainly used for hacking a large amount of accounts and not for individual targets due to the success rate and legality.

There have been many different ways to show the fake login page to the victim such as changing a MySpace layout to look like a login page, invisible div overlays that covered an entire layout and when clicked went to a fake login page, and by email. You should not consider this method if you are unfamiliar with computers and the internet, period. Since phishing is illegal, there is no software or product for it commercially sold and you must do it yourself in most cases. If you are interested in doing it this way, access the instructions page here (a cell phone offer helps hide the instructions page from prying eyes. Enter a valid phone number and instructions page should appear immediately afterwards).

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This how to is originally provided by , and you can find similar articles of these lovers problems there ! Have fun Lovers!

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