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Browser Fuzzer 2
January 28th, 2009
Internet Explorer 5
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It’s a bit late to introduce this tool anyway , but it’s still interesting to talk about this tool! The tool is called Browser Fuzzer 2 , developed by Jeremy Brown @ Krakow Labs. This tool allows you to fuzz any browsers you’d like to fuzz by fuzzing CSS,DOM,HTML and JavaScript. The main purpose of this tool is to fuzz web browsers as they process data and render content.

How to use Browser Fuzzer 2 :

1) Set up a place for output and pick a fuzzing phase.

rush@linux:~$ mkdir fuzz
rush@linux:~$ perl -o /home/rush/fuzz -p 4

Krakow Labs Development [] -> bf2
“Browser Fuzzer 2 — The bugs cannot hide anymore”
rush@KL (Jeremy Brown) []

bf2[phase four] JS Process Engaged. This could take some time (and disc space)!

[STAGE-> 1] Writing fuzz data to /home/rush/Desktop/fuzz
[STAGE-> 2] Writing fuzz data to /home/rush/Desktop/fuzz
[STAGE-> 3] Writing fuzz data to /home/rush/Desktop/fuzz
[STAGE-> 4] Writing fuzz data to /home/rush/Desktop/fuzz
[STAGE-> 5] Writing fuzz data to /home/rush/Desktop/fuzz

bf2[phase four] JS Process Complete (Final Count: 8004). Point your browser to /home/rush/fuzz/js1.html and monitor for exceptions :)


2) Open the browser you wish to fuzz (in a debugger or with one attached if you like) and send it to the address of
xxxx1.html, where xxxx is the name of the phase you selected to fuzz.

Download Browser Fuzzer 2 :

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