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There are plenty of options out there today for remote access. Most people these days use products such as GoToMyPC or LogMeIn for simple and easy access to their home or work PC. These work great for when you need to access the same PC over and over again, but what about when you are simply trying to help out your parents or friends with a quick fix. There are a few options out there like CrossLoop, GoToAssist and Teamviewer, but all require some type of installation and their biggest benefits are the paid versions of their products. Ammyy Admin is the simplest no nonsense product that will get you connected to who ever you want, when ever you want.

Ammyy Admin is one single executable file that is downloaded and ran from both the client and the operator PC. After each of the users fires up the program they are prompted with the following screen.

On the client side, the user simply click the connect button and it connects through the firewall to an available router. During this connection period, an extremely small zip file is downloaded and installed to the proper location on the PC.

Once the client is connected, the operator needs the correct ID number in the box. The operator enters that ID, and clicks connect a small Ammy ‘viewer’ app is downloaded to that PC and installed again to it’s proper location.

Once the operator attempts to connect the remote PC, the client is prompted with box to accept with a few additional options to allow for additional access.

Which is finally followed by the actual connection and the operator receiving a viewable window of the client machine.

In addition to the above instructions, there a few more options and security measures that you can put in place.

  • Only allow specific PCs to connect to your client machine.
  • File transferring.
  • Run the application as a service. Allowing you to run it without any user intervention.
  • All sessions use AES encryption, with a different key for each. For maximum security.

I have been looking for a free solution like this for quite a while. Most other products require some type of registration and client installation. Ammyy Admin gets the job done with some added benefits such as file transfers and computer permissions. The product is compatible with all versions of Windows 2000 and above, and is a perfect solution for simple remote administration at home and at work.

Are there any other free solutions as simple as Ammyy Admin? Do you see any security flaws with this app? What are some remote admin applications that you use?

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