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I’m quite sure that all of you like wasting your time Online and it would be nice to find some coffee shops which provide free wifi access so you can enjoy your coffe or even your cold beer while surfing the net :) But what if the access point is being secured and you’re too lazy to pay for it!? Don’t worry , Son! Why don’t you just find the wifi network password crackers that very available to download ? By using those access point wep cracker , hopefully you can use the wifi without even paying a single penny! You don’t need to master how to hack routers , all you need to do is to download the tools ,kiddos! Instead of following the tutorial about cracking wep with backtrack 3 , I will just mention some useful tools that are needed to perform this task :

Weplab is tested on GNU/Linux with latest version of libpcap. Please take a look at the scripts in the CVS to place your prism2 in monitor mode, so weplab is able to capture packets.
Please note that it is still in alpha stage, but stills it manages to product positive results with more than 1.5M normal (not necessary “classic” weak packets). For example my 64 bits keys gets cracked after 40 minutes with 2M packets and my 128 bits key falls with just 1M packets. I need some feedback to tune the cracking parameters.
Link :

Wep0ff is new tool to crack WEP-key without access to AP by mount fake access point attack against WEP-based wireless clients. It uses combination of fragmentation and evil twin attacks to generate
traffic which can be used for KoreK-style WEP-key recovery. This tool can be used to mount fake access point attack against WEP-based wireless clients.
Link :

Otherwise you can just follow this nice guide on hacking wlan ;)

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