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If you’re already familiar with network sniffers like ethereal, ettercap and so on , you must try this sniffer too. Httpry, is a sniffer specializing in sniffing http traffic. Httpry is used to log and display http traffic by capturing, parsing and logging the traffic for further analysis.
Here’s few things that you can do by using httpry :

* See what users on your network are requesting online
* Check for proper server configuration (or improper, as the case may be)
* Research patterns in HTTP usage
* Watch for dangerous downloaded files
* Verify the enforcement of HTTP policy on your network
* Extract HTTP statistics out of saved capture files
* It’s just plain fun to watch in realtime

Quick excerpt from the official site of httypry:

httpry is a specialized packet sniffer designed for displaying and logging HTTP traffic. It is not intended to perform analysis itself, but to capture, parse, and log the traffic for later analysis. It can be run in real-time displaying the traffic as it is parsed, or as a daemon process that logs to an output file. It is written to be as lightweight and flexible as possible, so that it can be easily adaptable to different applications.

Download httpry 0.1.5 :

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