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Image representing Firefox as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

Firefox is known as the most used web browser in the world. But only few people know how malicious code can be embedded in your Firefox without Antivirus or Firewall even notice it. In this case, You’re about to see how powerful Firefox keylogger addon is. Its ability to log the keystrokes whenever a victim type something within his browser is the main fun part of this firefox keylogger addon.

Here’s the short excerpt taken from the artile written by armando romeo :

My small POC consists of a keylogger written in javascript and embedded into Firefox browser in form of extension. This code can be injected into any known/famous addon without even noticing it since it creates no warnings at Antiviruses (it’s just legal javascript) and no warning from Firewalls since the logs of the keystrokes are sent through Firefox on port 80 to a malicious server.
Firewalls allow Firefox on port 80 if you want to browse the internet, so no way to understand what’s going on under the hood unless you track all the packets going out of your internet interface. The POC is an installable extension that once installed it doesn’t add anything to the Firefox appearance.

Get it here :
More information :

The addon which is used in the video might not related to the firefox keylogger addon created by armando , but it’s still nice to watch anyway. So here’s the firefox keylogger addon video :

Firefox Keylogger from Jabra on Vimeo.

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