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A lot of people want to be able to view private myspace profiles , that’s why they keep asking google for some questions like how to view private myspace picture , how to look at myspace private pictures and so on .. If you still want to read my previous post about viewing private myspace profile , you can read here.

This following excerpt is taken from

There is currently a flaw in a Myspace’s third party program which currently allows you to view certain albums of private profiles.  Click read more to find out how.

-  Go to

-  Enter in the FriendID and hit Enter to submit.

-  On the page where it askes you to complete a survey (the next page after you hit enter), right click anywhere on the site, and hit “View Source”.  It starts with…and ends with the userid=(the one you entered in).

-  Search in the source page something that looks similar to below…×6cgRwPUJWoQQqp2A1C7hRp35eJlDt%2FnA5JKfb4evyZ4koo6ZPQnrcDK6YpadQkMfqhUsO%2FU%3D&user_id=XXXXXXXX

-  Copy and paste that big long URL

- If you would like to view other friends, copy and paste the same URL and just change the red x’s

I am not sure if it works for all, as it may say “default album not available”, but I have tested it on two private profiles and were able to get pictures.

To enlarge the pictures, right click on them, and change the “s_” to “l_”

Watch the video on how to use viewmorepix :

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