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This was an interesting fault. The paper fed normally from tray 1, the multi-purpose tray at the front.  When trying to feed from cassette tray 2, the printer would run for about one minute and fifteen seconds before the paper was picked up and fed into the printer. It took around five or six seconds to pick the paper up from tray 1.

I didn’t have any idea what was causing this, apart from perhaps messed up settings, but luckily, the printer was still in HP’s warranty.

A lengthy session of fault diagnosis on the telephone with HP’s support agent in India followed. He had me change the deault paper size to Letter and the tray 2 paper type to any type. This had the expected result, it made no difference.

He then got me to update the printer’s firmware to the latest version. I thought there was slight chance that this might fix it but it didn’t.

I then had to email him the printer config page. I suspected that this was just to confirm that I had actually done the previous steps.

About a day later, he phoned me to say he was sending me a new fuser to fit in the printer. I thought this had as much chance of fixing the printer as the previous steps of changing the paper size and type but I’ve been surprised before.

Today, about a week later, the fuser arrived. I fitted it, which only took a minute. Powered the printer on, waited fot it to go ready, looked at the clock and did a test print.

I was expecting the second hand to go round past a minute but it printed almost instantly.  Not believing this was the fix, I refitted the original fuser. Did another test print and got tired of waiting after two or three minutes, I took my eye off the clock and lost time, and turned it off. Refitted the new fuser again and it printed instantly.

I don’t know the theory behind this, but it fixed the fault. Picks up paper straight away from tray 1 but takes over a minute to pick up paper from tray 2. If the man was stood next to me and he said replace the fuser, I would have laughed in his face. Good job he wasn’t stood next to me.

It will be interesting to see if this is a common problem with this printer or if it is just a one off. Time will tell.


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