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There a lot of people looking for My Empire Cheat Engine on the internet and got nothing. In this article I will show you one of My Empire Cheat Engine. You will read how to earn fast coins on my empire from this article.

This article is an excerpt from original article of WebGamesTips :

How to get money on my empire ? how do i earn coins fast ? with my empire cheats ? because you know playfish game usually easy to be hack with cheat engine and other cheat programs

But well i found some tips to get fast money in my empire with legal way in playfish forum.

you make coins in my empire by :
Collecting Taxes – To do this press the “Click to Hire a Tax Collector” button towards the bottom left of screen

you can then choose a tax collector, each tax collector has a price, a time required, and the amount of coins that tax collector will earn you.

Once the time required has passed select the “Click to Collect Tax Now” button to get your coins!

Please note that you only have as long as the time required for the tax collection to collect the coins after the collection is ready.

For example, if you hire Pictor who collects tax in 4 hours, you have to select the “Click to Collect Tax Now” button between 4 and 8 hours after initially selecting him, otherwise you will lose the tax money.

Please note that the taxes will increase with more happy people in your village (you increase your capacity by building more houses, and make them happy ones by adding buildings and decorations that add to happiness).

Visiting friends – You can earn coins when you visit your friends each day for trade!

Plus the first time you visit a new friend, there’s an extra bonus!

Visiting Antonius – He always loves visitors!

Friends’ wall posts – Help your friends build the buildings they are trying for through wall posts, simply select “Help Name”.

Gift From The Gods – return every day to my empire to get daily reward

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