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Google has just released its new product called Google Browser Body. By visiting thesite, users would be given freedom to disclose all parts of the human body up to theinternal organs. Google Body is very useful for educational purpose of biology.

It certainly would be very helpful at all for medical purposes. In these sites, Googleprovides 3 dimensional version of the human body that can be touched up to the inside.For example, if visitors want to see part of the lung, brain, or other.

Want to pamper its visitors, Google take advantage of the sophistication of the HTML 5, which combined with WebGL. WebGL itself is an Application Programming Interface(API) 3D ground level that can be used in cross-platform. This API will make anybrowser can display the 3D origin has support HTML5.

When disambangi detikINET using Firefox 4 beta on Friday (17/12/2010), a site that addresses the it displays 3-D model of each humananatomy that can be zoomed and rotated in all directions.

In addition, visitors can also do some other things such as adjusting the various layers ofskin, muscle, tissue, and skull. Other features are equally sophisticated search modeprovided.

Just type, then the browser will direct users to the section in question. This search alsoprovides some suggestions related sentences with the word in question.

Overall view of this web is quite cool and can be utilized by the health industry,educational needs, and others. To be able to visit the user can use the beta version ofFirefox browser 4, Google Chrome, and Safari.

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