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Wikileaks leaked secret documents showing allegations of official Chinese involvement in efforts to break into the Google network.
It was raised in New York Times report quoting a confidential document leaked by Wikileaks, as quoted on Monday (6/12/2010).
One of the wire communication diplomatic U.S. Embassy in China was called the involvement of China’s senior propaganda official, Li Changchun and Zhou Yongkang security officials. The second name called was a member of the Politburo, a kind of executive council of the Communist Party.
But according to the New York Times, sources outside the document was rejected Li’s involvement in the incident. It is said that Li is overseeing the campaign against Google in China, but not for that cyber attacks.
So far, the involvement of Chinese officials over cyber attacks to Google is still a conjecture. The attack against Google, which dubbed Aurora, allegedly made to steal sensitive data from Google servers

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