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There comes a point on every family’s timeline, where the group decides to have a portrait taken. Because this is a hugely life-altering decision, the style of this portrait requires much careful thought and planning. Should all family members dress in entirely denim outfits? Should you all lie down and form a human pyramid? Should you use your pets as shields to hide your naked bodies? There are just so many options!

Usually these months of agonizing over the appearance of said portrait pays off, and the happy family is left with a tangible memory of a time they all dressed alike and smiled in front of a fake winter background. Occasionally, however, families let their true colors shine on through, and send you a holiday card gem that is bound to grace your refrigerator for years to come.

Without further ado, we are proud to present the 35 Most Awkward Family Photos Ever!

Photos That Feature Odd Hobbies

They like their house spic-and-span. They actually carry those around with them at all times.

Excellent. They even got the glasses and bangs the same!

They’re the masters of karate and friendship for everyone.

The one with the fan is definitely the dangerous one.

If someone could please explain the screwdriver…

Playing Family Dress-Up

Families that dress up like Star Trek characters together, stay together!

I really feel like the baby would have been cute without the Tigger costume. As for the rest of you, I don’t know if cute is what you should be going for.

The (Family) Nudie Pics

Well frankly I am surprised this pictures hasn’t yet landed him in jail.

This is normal. Fig leaves and Santa hats definitely go together. Everyone you know will certainly not find this card strange in the least.

Oh, those poor cats…

There is a easy explanation here. The store simply didn’t have the pajamas in his size. He was left with no other alternative!

I am so glad that not only was grandpa a part of this picture, he was featured front and center with his tighty whiteys. “Ok, is everybody ready? Alright, One…Two…Three…STRIP! And then Cheese!”

Pet Pics: Hey, Pets Are Family Too!

Well, the Weird Sisters couldn’t get anybody from school to take them to prom, but they had a back-up plan…

I understand the penguin, but the armadillo hand puppet? Really?

The Gift of Family (Portraits)

Please tell me she is pregnant, and the baby-to-be is the reason behind the giant question mark on the front box. Because, when wrapping ones entire family up in gift wrap, it is crucial to include an unopened box for the fetus.

The message that accompanied this card is, “Buy one get one free! The small ones in the white wrapping paper are half off! Get ‘em while they last!!”

And That’s Portrait Spelled A-L-A-R-M-I-N-G.

Well, I guess I would have to say the shorts are the most notable part of this picture.

I can’t decide if I think it would be scarier for this picture to be posed or unposed.

Dis-family-membered Pictures

Floating heads aside, doesn’t that little girl in the pink look like she just walked out of a horror movie where she was holding hands with her equally creepy twin in some deserted hallway?

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and while they couldn’t all be featured in this lovely picture, they couldn’t resist showing off their handy work.

“Honey, I know you wanted to go with matching outfits for our new family portrait, but I was really hoping we could just have our sons pop out of our chests like strange, unsightly growths. Feelings?”

Why is this 5-headed man giving me the finger??

The Just-In-Case-You-Couldn’t-Tell-We-Are-Family-By-Our-Similar-Facial-Features Portrait

Two words: Yee. Haw.

Nothing to say about this bad-ass family portrait but, “gnarly, dude.”

Just to be clear, this is how they decided to portray themselves to the world. Interesting choice.

Paula forgot her flannel shirt, so she had to wear her PJ bottoms instead!

Who knew that weird came in so many different sizes!

Ok, we understand that they are comfortable. But at least take them off for the picture, people.

The Portraits You Wish You Never Saw Of That Weird Guy From Work’s Family

Yeah, I’d say outer space is the perfect background for these looney-tunes.

This is why you do not get stoned before the family picture!

Aaaand that is inappropriate.

Right. There are no words for this. My only question is should I have posted this under the pet pictures category?

Oh, does your family not do this?

Honestly, who thought this would be a good idea? Also, I feel like this is the picture you send on a holiday card to people you are about to whack.

Please god tell me that is not a cardboard-cutout of deceased relatives.

Do any of your awkward family photograms beat these? We want to see ‘em!!


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