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To Add HTML Signature with Images To Gmail Account for Sending Messages

how to add html signature in gmail
Gmail Adding HTML signature with anchor text or HTML signature with images to your gmail account at the bottom area of your every sending messages can bring some decent traffic to your blogs or websites. It is usual whenever I received any message from others with their signature then for know about him I always click on the blogs or associated facebook or twitter accounts and it is also true whenever I send any message to my friends or to my business contacts. So if you have setup your HTML signature to gmail account then the higher possibility to click on your blogs or your social network profile by others and If you have setup your social network profile well then a chance to increase followers in your twitter account and increase fans for your facebook page. You can see an example of signature in the right side, so lets get started,

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Adding HTML Signature with Images to Gmail Email Account

Sign into your Gmail Account and then go to options and click on Mail Settings as the following preview,

add html signature to gmail account

When you clicked on Mail Settings then in the General tab ( Don't click to anything because after click your mail setting you will reach the default tab that is General tab) just scroll the page and find Signature: option, by default it is selected as No signature so uncheck it and tick the below and write your own the below preview,

how to add html image signature to gmail signature

To make any clickable link just write your text and select it and click on clickable link icon as shown in figure and for uploading the images just click on icon as shown in figure and put your direct link of your image. (You can not upload your images direct from your computer hard drive so first upload it to any hosting site and then note your direct link. You can host your images to your blogger so that you will get your direct link so how to get it click on How To Host Images for Free in Blogger.) If you want to clickable images then click on your image which you uploaded and then click on clickable link icon as shown in preview and that's it. After adding your signature don't forget to click on Save Changes.
Now click on Compose mail you will see your signature.
You done!

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