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Free Download HP LaserJet M1130, M1210MFP,M1217nfw Printer User Manual.This Manual content includes Product features ,Supported operating systems for Windows ,Printer driver,Supported printer drivers for Macintosh,connect the printer to network,Troubleshooting guide.
HP LaserJet M1130

Product basics

  • Product comparison
  • Environmental features
  • Product features
  • Product views
  • Front view
  • Back view
  • Serial number and model number location
  • Control-panel layout

Control panel menus (M1210 Series only)

  • Control-panel menus

Software for Windows

  • Supported operating systems for Windows
  • Printer driver
  • Priority for print settings
  • Change printer-driver settings for Windows
  • Change the settings for all print jobs until the software program is closed
  • Change the default settings for all print jobs
  • Change the product configuration settings
  • Remove software for Windows
  • Supported utilities for Windows
  • HP Toolbox software
  • HP Embedded Web Server (M1210 Series only)
  • Other Windows components and utilities

Use the product with Mac

  • Software for Mac
  • Supported operating systems for Macintosh
  • Supported printer drivers for Macintosh
  • Remove software for Mac
  • Priority for print settings for Macintosh
  • Change printer-driver settings for Mac
  • Print with Mac
  • Create and use printing presets with Mac
  • Resize documents or print on a custom paper size with Mac
  • Print a cover page with Mac
  • Print multiple pages on one sheet of paper with Mac
  • Print on both sides (duplex) with Mac
  • Fax with Mac (M1210 Series only)
  • Scan with Mac

Connect the product

  • Supported network operating systems
  • Printer sharing disclaimer
  • Connect with USB
  • CD installation
  • HP Smart Install
  • Connect to a network (M1210 Series only)
  • Supported network protocols .
  • Install the product on a wired network
  • Configure network settings

Paper and print media

  • Understand paper use
  • Special paper guidelines
  • Change the printer driver to match the paper type and size
  • Supported paper sizes
  • Supported paper types
  • Load paper trays
  • Load the input tray
  • Tray adjustment for short media
  • Load the document feeder (M1210 Series only)
  • Tray and bin capacity
  • Paper orientation for loading trays
  • Configure trays
  • Change the default paper-size setting (M1130 Series)
  • Change the default paper-size setting (M1210 Series)
  • Change the default paper-type setting (M1130 Series)
  • Change the default paper-type setting (M1210 Series)

Print tasks

  • Cancel a print job
  • Print with Windows
  • Open the printer driver with Windows
  • Get help for any printing option with Windows
  • Change the number of print copies with Windows
  • Print colored text as black with Windows
  • Save custom print settings for reuse with Windows
  • Improve print quality with Windows
  • Print on preprinted letterhead or forms with Windows
  • Print on special paper, labels, or transparencies with Windows
  • Print the first or last page on different paper with Windows
  • Scale a document to fit page size
  • Add a watermark to a document with Windows
  • Print on both sides (duplex) with Windows
  • Create a booklet with Windows
  • Print multiple pages per sheet with Windows
  • Select page orientation with Windows


  • Use copy functions
  • One-touch copy
  • Multiple copies
  • Copy a multiple-page original
  • Copy identification cards (M1210 Series only)
  • Cancel a copy job .
  • Reduce or enlarge a copy image
  • Collate a copy job
  • Copy settings
  • Change copy quality
  • Copy on both sides (duplex)
  • Copy a two-sided original to a one-sided document
  • Copy a two-sided original to a two-sided document


  • Use scan functions
  • Scan methods
  • Cancel a scan
  • Scan settings
  • Scan file format
  • Scanner resolution and color
  • Scan quality

Fax (M1210 Series only)

  • Fax features
  • Set up fax
  • Install and connect the hardware
  • Configure fax settings
  • Use the HP Fax Setup Wizard
  • Use the phone book
  • Use the control panel to create and edit the fax phone book
  • Import or export Microsoft Outlook contacts into the fax phone book
  • Use phone-book data from other programs
  • Delete phone book
  • Set fax settings
  • Send fax settings
  • Receive fax settings
  • Set fax polling
  • Use fax
  • Fax software
  • Cancel a fax
  • Delete faxes from memory
  • Use fax on a DSL, PBX, or ISDN system
  • Use fax on a VoIP service
  • Fax memory
  • Send a fax
  • Receive a fax
  • Solve fax problems
  • Fax troubleshooting checklist
  • Fax error messages
  • Fax logs and reports
  • Change error correction and fax speed
  • Problems sending faxes
  • Problems receiving faxes
  • Regulatory information and warranties

11 Manage and maintain the product

  • Print information pages
  • Use the HP Toolbox software
  • View HP Toolbox software
  • Status
  • Fax (M1210 Series only)
  • Shop for Supplies
  • Other Links
  • Use the HP Embedded Web Server (M1210 Series only)
  • Open the HP Embedded Web Server
  • Features
  • Product security features
  • Lock the formatter
  • Economy settings
  • Print with EconoMode
  • Auto-Off mode
  • Manage supplies and accessories
  • Print when a cartridge reaches estimated end of life
  • Manage print cartridges
  • Replacement instructions
  • Clean the product
  • Clean the pickup roller
  • Clean the separation pad
  • Clean the paper path
  • Clean the print-cartridge area
  • Clean the exterior
  • Clean the scanner glass strip and platen
  • Product updates

Solve problems

  • Solve general problems
  • Troubleshooting checklist
  • Factors that affect product performance
  • Restore the factory-set defaults (M1210 Series only)
  • Interpret control-panel light patterns (M1130 Series only)
  • Interpret control-panel messages (M1210 Series only)
  • Control-panel message types
  • Control-panel messages
  • Clear jams
  • Common causes of jams
  • Jam locations
  • Clear jams from the document feeder (M1210 Series only)
  • Clear jams from the output areas
  • Clear jams from the input tray
  • Clear jams from inside the product
  • Change the jam recovery setting
  • Solve paper-handling problems
  • Solve image-quality problems
  • Print-quality examples
  • Repetitive defects ruler
  • Optimize and improve image quality .
  • Solve performance problems
  • Solve connectivity problems
  • Solve direct-connect problems
  • Solve network problems
  • Solve software problems
  • Solve common Windows problems
  • Solve common Mac problems

Appendix A Supplies and accessories

  • Order parts, accessories, and supplies
  • Part numbers
  • Paper-handling accessories
  • Print cartridges
  • Cables and interfaces

Appendix B Service and support

  • Hewlett-Packard limited warranty statement
  • HP’s Premium Protection Warranty: LaserJet print cartridge limited warranty statement
  • End User License Agreement
  • Customer self-repair warranty service
  • Customer support
  • Repack the product
  • Service information form
HP LaserJet M1130, M1210MFP,M1217nfw User Guide
HP LaserJet M1130, M1210MFP,M1217nfw User Guide
Category:User Manual
Size:3.84 MB
Download:HP LaserJet M1130, M1210MFP,M1217nfw User Guide

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