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Want to put yourself on a magazine cover? Here you can, no matter who you are.

The following 10 websites will be available for you to upload your own photo and put it on a Playboy, Style, Time and/or some other popular magazine’s cover, free of charge.

1. FakeAZine


The FakeAZine website offers over 100 magazine covers (including Lucky, Sailing, Time, etc.), you can upload a photo, pick up a magazine cover, drag and zoom the photo, click the "Publish" button, then you can share and download your picture.

2. Magcover


The Magcover website offers over 110 magazine covers sorted by Animal & Pets, International, Sports and some other categories.

You can upload a photo from your computer or the web, pick up a magazine cover, and zoom, move, rotate or even add new headlines to the photo, but you need to register to save and download your pictures.

3. Enjoypic


On the Enjoypic website, there is a total of 21 magazine covers (such as Make Up, Time, Vogue, etc.) for your choice, you can choose one of them, upload and crop you photo, then your magazine cover will be ready to download and share.

4. Frontpageyou


On the Frontpageyou website, you can upload your photo, choose a magazine cover from Bollywood, Geek, Just Married and some other 14, drag the photo to adjust it, and click the "Make My Cover" button, then you can download your magazine cover with the image link directly.

You don’t need register to use Frontpageyou, but after registration, you can edit the headlines of your magazine.

5. MagMyPic


The MagMyPic offers 56 magazine covers (including Fame, Love, Style, etc.), you can click on any of them, and use it to Make Your Own Mag. You can either pick up a magazine cover or upload your photo first. But there is no Download button for unregistered users.

Besides magazine covers, you can also put yourself on some Comic covers.

6. WriteOnIt


The Magazine Cover page of the WriteOnIt website offers 10 famous magazine covers, including Playboy, Time, Wired and some others.

You choose a cover, enter the headline title and subtitle, upload your photo, and decide whether to share your photo to the public, then you can view, save and share your magazine cover.

7. My Picture On Magazine

My Picture On Magazine

On the My Picture On Magazine website, there are 16 magazine covers (such as Riches, Style, The Web, etc.), you can pick up one of them, upload your photo, click the "Generate My Cover Now!" button, then you can download or share your picture.

8. Yourcover


There are over 50 magazine covers sorted by Anniversary, Holiday, Sports and some other categories on the Yourcover website, you can pick up one of them, upload your photo (JPEG & at least 800 pixel wide), and resize, zoom, rotate it, or even edit the headlines.

But you need to register to finish the generation, and you can only download the picture in 335px * 434px for free.

9. Mycovermag


The Mycovermag website offers My Ex, Sexy, True Romance and other 27 magazine covers, you can upload a photo, select a cover, adjust the photo, and add name & tags, then you can save and publish your magazine cover.

10. Peoplist


The Peoplist website is nearly same as the Mycovermag website, whether in the website design or the features.

By the way, all the pictures generated by the above 10 websites are fake, but you can see how you would like on a magazine cover and have some fun.

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