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Funny iPad Apps
September 28th, 2011

iPad is a gadget for all generations, children, youth, and adult can use iPad. It is caused there are many applications that can be download for your iPad, start with game apps, educational apps, entertain apps, and funny iPad apps. In the previous session we have discussed game apps for iPad, in this session we will discuss the funniest iPad apps for your download reference.

  • Massive Vector Bundle from Designious, it is a fantastic product with almost unlimited entertainment power. So, don’t miss this app!
  • MouthOff, it is a highly interactive iPhone app. You can choose a character and the live lip-sync is ON.
  • Shazam, with this app  you can scan any music that you are listening on the radio, TV, or a pub, then get the band and the name of the track.
  • Ellis is an app that can make you addict. With this app you can tap and drag to join any number of planets together or split them up into lots of tiny little planets, and match their size as your wish.
  • Edge, the goal of this app is to move a cube around the playing field, picking up points and avoiding falling off the platform.
  • Sway, this game using your finger to control the creatures little grabby hands.
  • Rollando is such a puzzle game. What make this game funny is the figure of Rolando. Rolando is a small round creatures that ask for your help to defeat the shadow creatures that have invaded their land.
  • Steppin, in this app you should step with your fingers as fast as possible from one platform to the other on all the 5 levels.
  • RJDJ, is also known as “mind twisting hearing sensation” or “the trippy soundtrack for your life”.
  • Bloom, offers colored screen and a quiet drone. As you tap the screen in various places, different tones play depending on where you tapped. It is loop, creating a unique piece of music on the fly.
  • Light Writer, with this app you can make stunning photo effects and writing things in the air.
  • Silly iPad apps by Brighter Minds Media, this app is targeted for children. With this app, children can play and learn about animals, letters, and numbers. Silly Numbers, Silly Animals, and Silly Letters have large brightly colored letters, numbers and pictures, in addition to entertain your kids.

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