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Top 10 Facebook Games 2011
September 28th, 2011

Facebook has been the most popular social networking web in this era. It has over millions users. Besides the social function, it can be used for business to. Nowadays, many user sell their products via facebook. You can also creat a page to promote your company. As the entertain feature, facebook is completed with many games. But we’ve made it eassier for you to select your favorite games, there are top 10 facebook games 2011 depends on the number of daily active users.

1.  CityVille

In CityVille, you and your friend can bulid your dream city. You should create your own city from the ground up, land resources, and make the people of the city have everything that they need. You need to plant crops and wait the harvest so that you could provide the city with the needed food. This is one of top 10 facebook games which is on top place from last so many months.

2.  FarmVille

In FarmVille you can create your own farm and livestock. You have to grow your crops and harvest them. You can sell the harvest to the other farmers who don’t have the same crops, then you can use the money to buy some additional equipments and larger your farm.

3.  The Sims Social

Create your own unique Sims and live out their dreams. Make the deep relationships to unlock new features and advance,such as be friend and fight, date and cheat, love and betray.

4.  Texas HoldEm Poker

As the name, it is a poker game which is played by over 7 million players each day. You can play with your friends or meet people from around the world.

5.  Empires and Allies

Empires and Allies is also called “CityVille Meets Risk”, in this game you have to build your forces and join your neighbours to defeat the Dark Alliance.

6.  Gardens of Time

Gardens of Time is one of the best facebook games 2011. It is a new hidden object game. You can use your Time Machine to locate hidden objects throughout history, reveal the intrigues of a secret society, and protect the world from malicious forces.

7.  The Pioneer Trail

In this game you will build a home in the wilderness and raise your family. There will be all kinds of hazards along your way, but you can ask for your friend’s help in your trusty Trail Crew.

8.  Words With Friends

Word With Friends is one of top facebook games 2011 where in this game you can play multiple crossword games against your friends at your own pace.

9.  Bejeweled Blitz

It has the same rules and guidelines as the PC game version, the different is you have your friends to play against.

10. Cafe World

In this game you can choose from dozens of dishes to cook, then slice, chop, and bake your way to the top of the culinary world.

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