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Top 10 Android Games
September 28th, 2011

Many games and another apllications are available in Android Market. From racing game, soccer game, puzzle game, and chess game. But not each game is interesting, therefore we give you top 10 android games as your download references.

1.  Glow Hockey

Glow Hockey is a new style of hockey game. It is a very simple and easy game, you can challenge yourself with the computer opponents.

2.  Need for Speed Shift

Need for Speed Shift is a racing game which has great graphics and nice rendered cars with smoothing handling. There are 20 cars and 18 locations in this game. You can also update your car and car collection while you are playing this game. This game also become top 10 android games 2011.

3.  Tank Hero

Tank Hero is a 3D tank action game, this game is available in two modes, campaign and last stand, where the both are provided with medals. In this game you control armored vehicle that is dumped into a large arena, with one or more enemies doing their best to kill you before you can take them out.

4.  Real Soccer 2010

As we know from the name, real soccer 2010 is a football game. This game offers local multiplayer option so you can play with your friends in custom play modes like Enter the Legend or RF League. Besides that, it has audio commentaries too.

5.  Angry Birds

Angry Birds includes one of top ten android games that is very addictive and ludicrously challenging.

6.  Android Knight 3D Chess

As the name, Android Knight 3D Chess is a fantastic 3D chess game that its graphics are supported by Google’s Opne GL and ES on the Android hardware. This game has compass feature, unlimited undo, spin and zoom option.

7.  N.O.V.A by Gameloft

N.O.V.A is a First-Person Shooter game that includes one of top 10 games for android with a great 3D graphics and best FPS game to play.

8.  Fruit Ninja

In this game you should cut all the fruit that are thrown into the air by put your fingers across the screen like a warrior ninja to cut the fruit juice.

9.  Street Fighter Flash

You should have keyboard, internet, and flash on phone to play this game. This is a classic remake of Street Fighter.

10. Assassin Creed

This is a thriller game that uses swords, bomb, daggers, and grappling hook. It has the Middle Eastern environments of the Crusades and offers a fully 3D-rendered.

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