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Best iPad 2 Apps
September 28th, 2011

best iPad 2 apps

iPad 2 is the best tablet for average consumer and it has higher speed than the other tablets in this era. This device is powered by Apple A5 dual-core processor. The innovation of these processor is at the graphics and new gyroscope. Therefore, many developer update their best apps for iPad 2. From 65.000 iPad apps, which of those apps that you should download? Here, a few of the best iPad 2 apps as your download reference.

  1. iMovie – £2.99, it makes the video recording and publishing more quickly.
  2. RealRacing 2 HD – £5.99, is one of the top iPad 2 apss. As you can see in the name, this is a racing apps. RealRacing 2 HD can be used with the iPad 2 HDMI connector that support 1080p HD out with an HD TV. Moreover, the iPad 2 also show your position on the track and the real-time telemetry.
  3. Pocketbooth HD – £1.19, it enables you to take a strip of photos with different effects then email or publish them on Facebook or Twitter or just save them to your camera roll.
  4. Infinity Blade – £3.49, for you who like sword-fighting game, Infinity Blade will be one of your favorites. It has clearer and smoother textures and the enemy armour shines. Besides that, this apps also has superior performance and faster loading times.
  5. SketchBook Pro – £2.99, it is an autodesk’s fantastic drawing and painting app. On the iPad 2, the number of available layers and undo or redo are both doubled, and there’s an optional high-resolution canvas with four layers.
  6. Adobe Ideas 1.0 for iPad, it is a digital sketchpad standalone app. It has simple vector-based drawing tools, and in this app you can trace over photos and email drawings as PDFs.
  7. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD, it is also a racing game app. This app is not as good as RealRacing 2 HD, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good app. It has 42 cars and bikes from manufacturers such as Ferrari, Ducati and Lamborghini.
  8. Twitter, as have we known on the web, it has the same features too. For the iPad 2, it has especially features that enable you to use camera and video functions.
  9. Evernote. Basically, it is a cloud-cloud-based filing system for notes. You can take your notes as a picture, written notes, audio notes or you can just upload a file.
  10. Instapaper, this is a “read later” app that offers you to bookmark web pages then read offline later.

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