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Create Facebook interest lists to get your own newspaperToday, Facebook has launched the interest lists by which you can create your newspaper according to your interest. According to Facebook, interest lists are a “whole new way to keep up with stuff you care about and tidy up your experience." Interest lists will work just as subscription packets, which will be based on the topics you like the most, by which you can create own news papers based on your interest, i.e., Football, SEO, Social Media, Facebook, Google Plus, Blogger, Movies, Games and whatever you want to get update with. In the offline world, If you like to read a newspaper to know about the latest cricket match, then you pick up the newspaper of 12 to 16 pages, and take to turn the starting pages till the game page does not appear. Now, in the online world, you could turn the game page with the single click and see the latest news via Facebook news feed under the interest list associated with Game. Is that not easy? Let us consider you are interested to get update with Funny Picture, Just create your interest list of name like Funny Pictures, or subscribe to existing list of your interest(related to Funny Pictures), and add your friends and pages, you may add the pages you never like before, which updates the most funny pictures. When you created this list, you can see this list into your left sidebar of your Facebook news feed under INTERESTS tab, click on it to get latest update.

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If you are on other websites then check back the original source of this article --> Create Facebook Interest Lists or Subscribe Existing Interest Lists by Blogger & SEO Technology.

How To Create Interest Lists In Facebook|How To Subscribe Interest Lists

  1. Log into Facebook and click here on Create Interest Lists. Take a preview,

    Create interest lists in Facebook

    type the list name in the search box, you are interested with. You may subscribe to the existing user generated lists, or by clicking on Create a list named (as shown in the figure) create your own list.
  2. If you choose to create your own list then click on Create a list named as shown in the above picture, a window will prompt up, like the below preview,

    Select pages and friends to interest lists

    search for the name of your pages, subscriptions and friends, you want to add in. While search, you may see the suggested pages, you did not like before, and can select to your list, when select all the connections, click on Next. In the next screen, you have an option to choose who can see that interest list.

    Select privacy on your interest lists in Facebook

    Now, finally click on Done.
  3. When you want to get update with your interest lists, then you can select the interest list under INTERESTS tab in the right sidebar of Facebook news feed, like the below preview.

    Interest lists in Facebook
You done!

Like our page on Facebook. Are you creating interest lists? Which are related to SEO, Social Media, Facebook, Google Plus, Blogger or to my niche, then don't forget to add me in your list. While creating your list, type "blogger and" and scroll down to see our Facebook page logo. Thank You!

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