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Free international SMS messages from PC to mobile phonesOver the internet, there are many service providers for sending messages to mobile phones, but they do not provide us to send messages world wide. Now, Google has implemented the mobile messaging services via Gmail, which allows us to send free SMS to the mobile number of Gmail contacts, even those who are not in our Gmail contacts. The main feature in Gmail is that, you can send free international SMS(text messages) to any country listed in that list with mobile operators. Gmail SMS chat service also enable in India for the mobile networks Aircel, Reliance, Loop Mobile, Tata DoCoMo and Tata Indicom. Initially, you will get 50 credits for sending the messages to any mobile phones, whenever you send a text message, up to 160 words, your credit decreases by one. So, you can send 50 messages to mobile phones via Gmail SMS chat service and if someone replies to your message in chat(for example, when a mobile user replies to any of your messages) your credit increases by five points, up to a maximum of 50. If your SMS credit goes to zero at any point, you will get 50 SMS credit just after 24 hours. So, you would not play with the SMS system provided by Gmail. So, here is how to send free international SMS text messages from PC to Mobile Phones via Gmail chat service.

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How To Send Free International Messages/SMS To Mobile Phone via Gmail Chat

  1. Sign into your Gmail account.
  2. Make sure you have Enable, SMS(text messaging) in Chat in the Gmail Labs.
  3. Sending Messages To Gmail Contacts: Now, look at the left sidebar and go to Chat and SMS search section, like the below preview,

    Send free international SMS to mobile phones

    You can search for the name/mobile number of a contact person as step 1, if they are already in your Gmail contact. Choose the friend whom you would like to send text messages as step 2, and finally click on Send SMS as step 3, a window will prompt up, which ask you to add mobile number associated to this email id. Choose country, type mobile number and click on Save. Now, a chat window appears associated with that mobile number, Just type the message and hit "Enter". If one credit loses, your message has sent to that mobile number. You will have an option to Send Text(SMS) to mobile number in Gmail chat by clicking on Action in your normal chat window.
  4. Sending Messages To Non-Gmail Contacts: Just type his/her mobile no. in the Chat and SMS search section, without ISD code, of your friend. You will have an option to choose and click on Send SMS,  a window will prompt up, which ask you to choose the friend's name, country and mobile number and finally click on Save. Now, a chat window appears, type messages and hit "Enter". Your message has sent to the mobile number.
If a person replies to any of your messages, you would get the reply in the Gmail chat just like PC-To-PC Gmail chat.

How To Buy Additional SMS Credits To Mobile Phones in Gmail Chat

In start, you will have 50 credits for sending the messages to mobile phones. Once your credit goes to zero, you will receive 50 credits back to your account after 24 hours. Since, when you send a message, your credit decreases by one and when you get a reply from any of your messages, your credit increases by five. So, if you want a higher SMS credit, you can always send a message to your own phone, and then you may reply to that message multiple times to getting multiple five credits to your account, which is not a bad deal because you will charge by 1 INR for a reply, and you will get 5 SMS credit into your Gmail account, which would be use to send five international messages.

Will Google Charge To Use Gmail SMS(Text Messages) Chat Service

Google will not charge you for using this service. However, you will charge for every reply, sent from a mobile device to Gmail chat, by your mobile provider's standard charges. You may check your provider's price plan for more detail.

Exceptional cases by countries:
  • North America:  It depends on which mobile plans your contacts have in North America. They may be charged by their mobile provider's for receiving the text messages from Gmail SMS chats.
  • Zambia: The mobile subscribers will not charge for receiving the SMS from Gmail chat service. However, they will charge for every reply to Gmail chat by their operator's international SMS price to USA.  

Could we send messages to a person who has been offline from Gmail SMS Chat?

Yes, you may send SMS to your friends form your mobile device. For enable this function, when you receive a message from Gmail chat service to your mobile device, then save the incoming number to your mobile device, which will be use to send messages(as you send any other text message) to your Gmail account holder friend in the future. Your Gmail account holder friend will receive your text messages to the chat window.

How To Block 'a Gmail User' OR 'All Gmail Users' For Receiving Gmail SMS To Mobile Phones

  • Block a Gmail User: If any Gmail user sends you unwanted SMS to your mobile phone, then you can block that user by sending a reply(to the incoming number) with the word BLOCK. You would never get any messages in the future from the blocked Gmail users. If you have changed the mind about the sender, then you can unblock that person in the future by replying(to the same incoming number) the text UNBLOCK.
  • Block All Gmail Users: If you don't wish to receive any messages from Gmail chat service to your mobile phones, then you can block all the Gmail users by sending the word STOP to the system message number. The system message numbers are different for each countries, and may be different for each mobile operators. If you are from India, then note down the system message number, which is 56070000 for every mobile operators as Aircel, Reliance, Loop Mobile, Tata DoCoMo and Tata Indicom. If you are not from India, then check out your country's system message number. If you wish to re-activate this service into your mobile phones, then send a message with the word START to the system message number.
***Never send too many SMS from Gmail chat to a mobile user, without mobile responding. Otherwise, you will be automatically blocked for sending further SMS to that user.
You done!

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