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22-11-12 SERP results imageAs you can see from the statistics from SerpFox the site is gaining ground in the search engines. Google has obviously found a lot of the links I’ve been building and they are starting to get approved. Let’s keep an eye on it over the next few days.

Because Google is giving the site a bit of love at the moment I’m currently adding new content to the site and scheduling a post a day. This should help get the site ranking even higher, so fingers crossed we’ll break through the top 10 in next few days.

I will be buying some more Fiverr gigs in the next week. I want to get some good social bookmarks to the site to help solidify the rankings. As well as this I want to build some link pyramids to my money site and continue to do some Yahoo and Wiki answers to generate more traffic and get some link diversity to the site.

A couple of people have asked about what to do when the site is ranking in the top 10 and the answer is to continue to create more links and add new content. You don’t have to do it as often, unless it is a competitive niche, but you will still need to do it.

Instead of adding content every day, you can add content once or maybe twice a week. This is often enough to keep Google happy and loving your site. Regularly adding links from diverse sources will also help cement your position at the top of the search engines.

You have to remember that you are in a business where people will be competing against you for the top spot, particularly if you have chosen a profitable niche. Being organised and remembering to add new content and build links helps to ensure that your site will continue to rank and perform for you. Ideally you should check your rankings every few days or once a week once you are ranking well so you know where your sites are. Trying to check all your sites every day can become a headache when you start building a lot of different sites.

One way that you can generate traffic is to do what is called forum marketing. This is a good process for establishing yourself as an authority in your niche and getting targeted visitors to your site.

The process is simple, you search Google for forums relating to your keyword with a search string like:

“Keyword” “forum”
“Keyword” “powered by phpBB”
“Keyword” “powered by Vbulletin”

Once you find a forum you need to check to see what the rules are for putting links in your signature. Not all forums will allow you to do this. If it does, then you proceed. If it does not, you move on.

The next step is to check the forum out and see how busy it is. If there aren’t many posts or few recent posts then you really need to move on because there won’t be enough traffic there for it to be worth your while.

When you have a site that has traffic and does allow you to post links in your signature then you sign up to the forum and start reading the posts. You are looking to see what people are asking, who the main people are in the forum and to learn how the forum works and what the rules / protocols are.

Then you start to participate in the forum and answer questions as well as ask questions. You are looking to establish yourself as an authority figure, i.e. someone who knows about the subject and is an expert. You never post your link directly in the post because that will get you labelled a spammer and banned from the forum.

You are looking to add value and show people you know what you are talking about. The idea is that they then see the link in your signature and click through to it. Not only are you getting some great backlinks from your forum signature, but you are also getting the targeted and motivated traffic.

It’s a win win situation!

Just don’t try and get involved with too many forums at once because it does take quite a lot of work to participate in a forum and if you try and work with too many at once you will find you can’t really do any of them justice.

To keep you going, here are some more search strings for finding forums you can get involved in. Remember also that you can get involved in groups like Facebook Groups.

“Powered by PunBB”
“Powered By MyBB”
“Powered by WowBB”
“Powered by XMB”
“Powered by FluxBB”
“Powered by SMF”
“Powered by Simple Machines”
“Forum Software: Burning Board”
“Forensoftware: Burning Board”
“Powered by myUPB”
“Powered by Quicksilver Forums”
“Based on MercuryBoard”
“2000 – 2001 Snitz Communications”
“2000 Snitz Communications”
“2001 Snitz Communications”
“2002 Snitz Communications”
“2005 Snitz Communications”
“2006 Snitz Communications”
“2011 Snitz Communications”
“2012 Snitz Communications”
“2001-2011 Web Wiz Ltd”
“Running MegaBBS ASP Forum Software”
“Powered By IP.Board”
“Powered by Invision Power Board”
“Powered by vBulletin”
“Powered by phpBB”
“Powered by IceBB”
“Powered by bbPress”
“Powered by E-Blah Forum Software”
“Powered by FUDforum”
“Powered by YAF”
“Powered by Forum Software miniBB”
“Powered by YaBB”
“Powered By ExpressionEngine”
“Powered by IceBB”
“Powered by SEO-Board”
“Powered by UBB.threads”
“Powered by UseBB Forum Software”
“Powered by XennoBB ”
“Powered by JavaBB”
“Powered by Viscacha”

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